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Gunter Lehnert-Thiel, P.Eng. - VP Projects
Mr. Lehnert-Thiel is a Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry including several years as a corporate executive overseeing all aspects of project planning, execution, scope of work, client requirements, corporate practices and project procedures. Gunter’s strengths are based on his execution experience of heavy oil facilities, from FEED packages to construction management.

Since Caprock's founding in 2015, the energy sector in western Canada has been enduring a downturn. In return, Caprock has identified one value add to our clients - being Flexible. Flexible to change in schedules, resources, scope, material and processes. At Caprock, we do whatever it takes to achieve success in the new economical environment, both for our clients and their projects.

Our team has the experience to Challenging Industry Norms by pursuing options that are more efficient, cost effective, and by continuously striving for better solutions​. By challenging industry norms, we will make every action deliberate and every deliverable highly effective, with the focus on reducing labour, materials and their associated costs.​

Good engineering and design should be replicated, not recreated every time. Executing projects is at the centre of Caprock’s competence. We will work with our clients to reuse engineering and design to construct repeatable projects. We understand the value in our ability to execute templated projects with Zero Engineering Design. 

Our Canadian environment can be harsh and our site conditions are remote. We continue to be Innovative to minimize materials and labour required at site and allocate as much work in a controlled environment as possible through design, execution and modularization.

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Our Management Team

Kim Stricker - Senior Advisor, Procurement & Corporate Services
Ms. Stricker is a senior procurement manager with over 20 years of experience executing, developing and managing all functions of procurement from small projects to complex programs. Experience includes development of procurement modules, processes, procedures, human resources, HSE, and corporate contracts.

Ken Davis, P.Eng. - President

Mr. Davis is a Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the design, procurement and construction of heavy oil pads, central plant facilities and pipelines. Ken is skilled in developing innovative design ideas, turning those ideas into projects, and managing the execution of projects to the planned schedule and budget.  Ken’s experience includes gas compression, dehydration, gas processing, pipelines and various heavy oil projects over his career ranging from several thousand dollars to over $1 billion.

Luu Ngo, P.Eng. - VP Engineering
Mr. Ngo is a Chemical Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Luu has held project management and project engineering positions on numerous heavy oil facilities projects and is very familiar with FEED, detailed design and construction, commissioning and start-up for aboveground pipelines, wellpads, central processing facilities and remote steam plants.